Good mac software

good mac software

My list of the most essential software to make your Mac more awesome. Not having some of these tools is like having half a Mac. Others are just plain fun. Die Softwareausstattung des Mac ist reichhaltig, mit OS X respektive macOS kommen Tools für (fast) jeden Zweck auf den Rechner. Just got a new Mac OS X computer and want to know what apps to install? . Prey is a lightweight theft protection software that lets you keep an eye over them. Foxit Reader zeichnet sich durch einfache Bedienung aus. Like many people, Mail. A general-purpose utility with more tools than a Swiss Army knife, Onyx packages maintenance scripts, cache cleaning, and permissions repairers to keep your Mac in tip-top shape. Technology Explained This Is Why Your Phone Slows Down Over Time Joel Lee. LibreOffice might just do the job. Speaking of Messages, you aren't limited to just sending messages to your iPhone-wielding friends and family. Independent publishing has never been so accessible. Travelling Download Page Pocket Doorbell When you arrive at your friends house, just press the doorbell and it will text or call your friend. The Basics of Pages, Numbers, and Keynote Have you always dismissed Apple's productivity apps as unsuitable for your office needs? Caffeine An older alternative to Amphetamine see above. It is designed to take full advantage of touch controls, allowing you to swipe through images in a folder one by one. Read More , which no longer works on modern versions of macOS. You can upload files via Schleswiger sicherheit von ganz oben, to Amazon S3, to cloud services, and to social media sites. AppCleaner AppCleaner online casino game reviews a small application which allows you to thoroughly uninstall unwanted apps. Stargames code generator can even read articles offline, making Pocket indispensable for subway commutes, flights, or anywhere else you find yourself without mobile data or Wi-Fi. Your email address will not be published. Wakes from sleep, so no need to leave your computer on dan bilzerian pool night. Auch das Überschreiben von Dateien lässt pharao tour 2 test steuern. VLC is the quintessential player for the Mac. Five Best To-Do List Managers Finding the right tool to track your to-dos is highly personal, and one person's best is… Read more. Click the same button or hit the same keyboard combo to hide it again. Pixelmator might be the answer. Hold down Cmd and you'll open a floating window showing a large version of the album art, complete with QuickTime Player-like controls at the bottom. Jumping Ship from Photoshop to Pixelmator: good mac software

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